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Rowntree Montessori Schools

We refined the identity of this longstanding Montessori school.

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Logo Redesign
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With over 50 years of rich history, Rowntree Montessori has been an academic powerhouse in Brampton, Ontario. For 9 consecutive years, they have been voted as a top private school, with three campuses across the region. Quality of education has never been a question for Rowntree, but their logo and identity was not properly reflecting the value the school offers.

We polished and refined their logo, which had posed many usability issues. Injecting it with more life and vibrancy helped strengthen the connection between the school and their young student body.

A school needs more than a logo. With so many brand touchpoints, they needed a visual system that could allow them to create a range of things with visual cohesion.

We developed a color palette that was playful, without feeling immature. We also curated a typography library with clear direction on how to use the fonts properly.

Other supporting assets were created, with the end result being a rich identity that communicates their brand values from corner to corner. 

Rowntree_Full Logo_Color
Rowntree_Logo Animation
Rowntree_ID Cards